16 & Pregnant

The integrity of this country is summed up by the TV show “16 & Pregnant”. It should be called “Gluttonous Trash & An Innocent Baby”. The fact that these moms get PAID to be on this show is what pisses me off the most. They shouldn’t get a dime from the television network after all the taxes the general public has to pay for their child to begin with! These loose screws think it’ll be so much fun to have a kid and wear it around their midsection like a new fashion trend, using the child like their own little toy. Well the toys for twats program needs to come to an end.

Somehow I find it hard to feel bad for them when they’re crying on national television “‘I’m just not ready for this”. Well, you better get ready because you’ve just made an 18-year investment that doesn’t come with a lemon law, 30-day back policy, or exchange for store credit. This one is yours whether it’s too big, small, short, or tall. And you better get used to downsizing because the hottest thing you’ll be wearing for a few years is a burp towel over your left shoulder. You couldn’t wait to run out and get slammed like the front door to your trailer. Well, time to squeeze a crib next to your trundle and pray that your 16-year old sharp-shooting, sperm monster of a boyfriend decides to stick around to help you during these rough times. Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re on TV…I’m sure dozens of guys will throw themselves at you after they see how mature you are!

And to top it all off there was a season 2 of “16 & Pregnant”??? Now just how pathetic are the shit-heads that stood in line for that cattle call audition and DIDN’T make the show??? The poor fetus is freezing to the core while these flap-floppin’ floozies wait in line for their 15 minutes of fame. There is a part of you that doesn’t want to blame their parents as you can’t control your child’s every decision…but you can certainly control your child auditioning for this spot on TV. Somehow I feel this parental guidance is what got these kids into this predicament to begin with. These are the kind of people that leave trash on a table and throw kids in a dumpster. It’s not cool to be 16 & pregnant, Teen Mom is not a good show…these aren’t the glamorous TV spots you want to be trying for. Life is hard enough for people without having a Mom & Dad that still go to class but have no class. A baby isn’t a toy and shouldn’t be thrown into national TV because their mom and dad were too shameful to wear a condom in the backseat of their parents car. Enjoy your 10-year reunion with your 12-year old kid…I’m sure you’ll be voted “Most Likely to Breastfeed First”. I’m sure you’ll look great in your Prom maternity dress.